Integrate in your website

You can embed our widget into your site by following this quick tutorial


Everything is built upon a single URL that you will need to set as the src attribute of an <iframe>. Here's an example of how the HTML code could look:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="800"></iframe>
In this example your website URL is

Here’s how this example would be rendered once integrated in your website:

URL parameters

You can customize the way the widget should be displayed by adding parameters to the URL provided in the src attribute of the iframe.


You can choose the style of widget you want by adding a parameter "Display" with one of these values:

  • "Map"
  • "Grid"
  • "List" (default)


You can define the display language of your widget by adding a parameter "Language" with one of these values:

  • "EN" for English
  • "FR" for French
  • "ES" for Spanish

If you do not provide this parameter, the language of your widget will be the default language of your website.

Widget Size

You are free to change the size of the map to whatever you want using the width and height attributes or CSS properties of the <iframe>, by the way please note that a height lower than 800px could cause display issue on specific devices.

Using the widget preview tool

You can generate the complete URL of your iframe by using the preview tool in your event page. Select the different parameters and then click on “Copy widget URL to clipboard”. That’s it! Now You only have to paste it in the src attribute of your iframe code.